A Tale or Two For You

We have been working with mums at Hannah More Primary School, all of whom speak English as a second language, to create a show for younger children in the school.

The women perform a series of fables to teach moral lessons, which include: listen to your elders, we are stronger when we work together, the importance of family, being happy with what you’ve got, and treating others as you wish to be treated yourself.

This is a really ambitious project for the mums, who have never done anything like this before, and many of whom have limited English.

The project has been funded through acta’s arts and communities programme, a partnership between Arts Council England and Department for Communities & Local Government. Arts & communities aims to support and showcase good practice in arts and culture by bringing communities together through increasing participation, building common ground and promoting stronger and more integrated communities.

The show performed to year 1 & 2 children on 21st October, with further performances planned in school in November.