#acta30 Cabaret des Amis 1985

1.Kids’ Theatre – Cabaret des Amis, 1985

Before acta, there was Kids Theatre! I started my community theatre experience by volunteering with this group in the late 70’s, then took it over in 1982, running it with a group of Bristol university students, including Caroline Green and Kez Margrie, who were both part of the acta team in the late 1980’s/early 90’s. The photo shows Kids’ Theatre performing songs from ‘Handle with Care’ at a cabaret benefit event for Kez in 1985, to buy her a new wheelchair! acta had just started, and this was one of the first shows.  Neil

(full line-up: Helen, Little Becky, Will, Inara, Matt, Vicky, Steve, Mike, Joe, Susie, Lyssa, Lia, Deb, Jo, Huw, Dominic, Big Becky, Sarah, Ros, Ruth, Matt and Sally. (Erica and Iwonna at the back on keyboards!)