We have Overcome

Box office NOW OPEN!
At Malcolm X Centre on Monday 16 September (7pm) and at Stoke Park School in Lockleaze on Sunday 22 September (3pm).

fairytale tv takeover

July 3 & 4

Join community performers from Lockleaze for a “live studio audience recording” of mythical daytime TV programming.. a fantastical and hilarious edition of Fairy Springer, Once Upon This Morning and Loose Fairytale Men.

Judging without Knowing

1st & 2nd July
There’s so much to celebrate about the Somali culture, but we feel we are being judged and criminalised. We need to speak out and let people know, FGM doesn’t define who we are. Things are different now, we need people to stop judging us and see who we really are.

the game of life

28 & 29 May. Tickets £2
World leaders struggle for power in virtual reality. Who will be the winners and losers in the game of life?
No under 5s please, as some scary moments.

The World Behind the Screen / The Corner Shop

1 & 2 April £2.
Bedminster youth theatres present a double bill – A new cinema has just opened; young people queue to go in; but this is just the beginning of their journey. 

Strange things start happening at a local corner shop, but will the detectives work out why before it’s too late?

We Have Overcome

The Malcolm X Elders tell their stories of moving to England; to reclaim ownership of this story and to celebrate and empower the ‘Windrush Generation’.

It is an important time to set the records straight; to celebrate our contributions; to tell our stories, and the stories of our generation – Barbara Dettering, cast.

The Malcolm X Elders’ Crowdfunder

The Malcolm X Elders are Crowdfunding for their next show. Recent events and stories surrounding the ‘Windrush generation’ have moved the Elders to share their own stories about moving to England. They feel it is time for them to reclaim ownership

circus of marvels

December 6 – January 5
Roll up, roll up for a magical, mysterious adventure as a rag-tag band of useless acts take on a desperate quest to save the world’s worst circus!

the underworld

15 & 16 November. Tickets £3.
In the depths of the Earth lies The Underworld, where Hades rules… but can he keep control of his naughty demons and some unruly souls?

Phoenix Theatre present their latest production, where demons cause havoc, sisters fight to be reunited, people get lost and superheroes save the day. A quirky and fun take on Greek mythology with a bit of Bristol mixed in.