Breaking the Chains 1988/1989

Breaking the Chains was an early youth theatre project (1988/89ish) bringing together young people from several of our youth theatre groups from all over Bristol, including Kids Theatre and our Easton Youth Theatre – which at that point was either called NEBYT or BEAD (it was a long time ago!)  It was a devised show about changing women’s roles through history, including Suffragettes. We took over a disused warehouse down on the docks – where the aquarium is now – and created a promenade-style show which led the audience through the maze of floors.

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It was a great show for bringing young people together and it’s nice to see the photo’s  with lots of familiar faces from that period of acta development – when we were still Avon Community Theatre Agency – a name we changed when Avon County was abolished.

This blog has been prompted by contact we’ve had with Matthew Payne and Terry Clifford, both of whom were in the show, and who have made generous donations to acta recently. (Terry is up the ladder with the lights in the press cutting, and Matthew is standing at the back of the photo with a white shirt and black tie).


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