It’s a g..g..g..g..ghost!

22 October 2020
Neil remembers the ‘spooky’ stories from the past 35 years; how and why ghosts and ghouls have been brought to life through theatre.

acta35 conversations

acta35 Conversations

To mark 35 years of acta in Summer 2020, acta Founder & Artistic Director, Neil Beddow, records a series of conversations with people he has worked with, all of whom continue to work with acta today: staff, associate workers, trustees, participants & partners.

Mother Ice Heart

I think I’ll have to be in it

Working in community theatre is full of challenges, not the least being the constant possibility that when a play has been suggested, discussed, devised, rehearsed, and ready to present, something will happen to prevent one of the cast members performing. It doesn’t always happen; but it happens often enough.

acta outdoor theatre

Let’s take this outside

Making theatre outdoors – I was talking with the acta team yesterday about how we can make theatre within current government advice on social distancing, and the conversation came around to using outdoor spaces for workshops and performances… read the story of acta’s outdoor shows and events.

thursdays theatre performers

Thinking about the Thursdays

Neil’s latest acta35 blog shining light on the Thursdays weekly open-access theatre group, for anyone free on a Thursday morning and interested in making some new theatre; thinking back to previous shows, starting back in 2012, and including The Land of Lost Things.

bouncing over to kingswood

Bouncing over to Kingswood

Memories sparked by an old participant, who joined all the way back in 1986. Neil remembers one of his favourite shows “Stowaway Spider”, and how privileged he feels to have shared these experiences with local people.

our batch

Drama out of a crisis

“these stories…of crowds fighting in supermarkets, anxious parents…I’m sure will be told. But more likely, it will be the stories of kindness, unselfish acts to neighbours and strangers that will be recalled and celebrated”.

Sailor's Tales

Everyone has a story to tell

Everyone has a story to tell; they just need someone to listen.
Telling untold stories throughout acta’s history, including the Sailors’ Tales show from Shirehampton and Avonmouth.

The tinsel’s on the tree…

As a child in the fifties and early sixties, my first experience of theatre (apart from various roles in Nativities, of course) was the panto at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton. This is where I fell in love with theatre; all the magic, mystery and excitement, the way the audience buzz faded with the lights going down, the colours, the characters, the jokes, the boiled sweets hurled at the auditorium, the enjoyment of the live experience. It had a lasting effect on me…

Don’t talk about the money, money

Chasing funding has often been a struggle, despite the many reasons and benefits for the work we do. Neil Beddow, Artistic Director, recalls stories from the past 35 years and the ongoing determination to secure resources, to deliver more and better.