Malcolm X Elders Doorsteps

Malcolm X Elders: Our Films for Bristol Schools

This Autumn, Rosalie Pordes and Maryam Rutter have been visiting the Malcolm X Elders Theatre Company on their doorsteps, asking them questions collected from Bristol schoolchildren…
Watch the film and read more about this project.
Also, news of other recently-released acta films.

cpd course

Community Theatre course

We are delighted to welcome our community theatre practitioners safely back to acta from November 2020!
This course is a practical introduction to community theatre, led by Neil Beddow and Ingrid Jones.

A Callout for Unsung Heroes

Who is your unsung hero? Someone who walks among us, who has made a difference – from our history, from our family, from across the globe or across the street.
What does make someone a real hero to me?
Box office now open for an evening of live performances on Thursday 17 September.

AGM 2020

2020 Annual Report and AGM

On 27 August, at our yearly AGM, we looked back at the 2019/20 year at acta, to hear the acta Council of Management report back on our programme, the money and everything acta.

Maryam Engagement

Maryam’s blog

Hear from Maryam Rutter, acta Foundation Workshop Assistant, on her engagement work at acta this summer.

staff team

Staff news

The acta team are all well, and have been meeting up online to plan our programme for the rest of the year. We will be moving back to work from the actacentre in July…

Black Lives Matter

BLM statement – We are aware of the profound influence of historic and contemporary racism, and as a white-led organisation, we are committed to an inclusive approach, and to prioritise work that is led by black and minority ethnic communities.