Clippies performers


Clippies is a devised theatre performance by acta Company. The show tells the difficult stories of women who worked on the tramways post WW2.
Read more about the project, including links to our documentary.

Sudanese Youth Theatre

Sudanese youth theatre

acta associate, Hiba Elhindi, led acta’s first Sudanese youth theatre in Autumn 2019, with support from Quartet Community Foundation. Hiba hopes to develop the project further, together with acta colleagues, the children and their families.


The EAR partnership (2019 – 20), supported by Erasmus Plus, aims to enhance the ability of teachers in schools across Europe to teach citizenship using drama techniques.
With partners in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

acta Foundation blog

Workers from our workplace learning programme, acta Foundation, are invited to blog about their experiences of working for acta. Meet Maya Khatun and Aqeel Abdulla, our 17/18 drama workers, and Sara Snook, Director’s Assistant. Also read past blogs from Donna Thompson, Jody Cook, Tracey Harvey, Aiden Connor, Rosalie Pordes, Kathryn Hopkins; and Kat Bray.


Refugee Engagement and integration Through Community Theatre, in partnership with Rotterdams Wijktheater (Holland) and Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Sicily); acta co-ordinated an EU Creative Europe community theatre programme for refugees to share their stories with host communities. The project included a sharing event in Bristol in March 2018, and a documentary film.

Gas Girls

Created to commemorate the centenary of World War I in 2014. The project, supported by lottery funding from Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund, included social history research, finding stories of the munitions workers at the Avonmouth & Chittening mustard gas factories. As well as the touring community theatre show, it included a book, exhibition and documentary film.

South Korea

Blog from Rosalie Pordes, acta Projects Director, about a new international project development in Busan, South Korea.

Lockleaze Youth Theatre

Lockleaze Youth Theatre

Lockleaze Youth Theatre is a weekly theatre group, based in North Bristol. In 2020, they moved workshops online and worked towards creating films as well as outdoor performances.

Debate and discussion

community oriented arts & social transformation (coast)

COAST links acta with three European partners who provide a platform for the creation of original theatre with socially excluded and marginalised people, and enabled the first international festival of community theatre in Bristol in March. In 2017, COAST was awarded prestigious ‘success story’ status by EU Creative Europe.

Sailors’ Tales

Sailors’ Tales, an intergenerational community theatre show supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, November 2016. Based on research and stories collected from sailors, ex-sailors and their families in North Bristol.
Includes a project film.