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community oriented arts & social transformation (coast)

COAST links acta with three European partners who provide a platform for the creation of original theatre with socially excluded and marginalised people, and enabled the first international festival of community theatre in Bristol in March. In 2017, COAST was awarded prestigious ‘success story’ status by EU Creative Europe.

Sailors’ Tales

Sailors’ Tales, an intergenerational community theatre show supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, November 2016. Based on research and stories collected from sailors, ex-sailors and their families in North Bristol.
Includes a project film.

Festival – theatre from the heart

On 13-16 June 2016, people interested in learning more about community theatre across the UK – students, practitioners, academics, participants – gathered for a festival at actacentre, to share learning and to celebrate the diversity of original community theatre.

Arts & Communities

A partnership with DCLG and ACE to showcase how quality intercultural and inter-generational participatory arts can achieve stronger and more integrated communities, by providing a shared focus – in Redcliffe and with migrant communities across Bristol.


Methods of Education for Disadvantaged Adults Rooted in Theatre, under the Erasmus+ EU Programme, 2015-17.
This project was completed in Summer 2017, with the publication of an online methodological guide.

get together at actacentre

Get Together, 2011- 2018, brought together local people from different generations and cultures, encouraging people to share stories, positive experiences and work together to improve and celebrate the local community.

Touring community theatre

High quality and affordable theatre touring to local neighbourhoods, including family shows, schools tours and issue-based work. These projects are as much concerned with audience development, as they are with participation; creating new and relevant theatre.

Grey Matters

Grey Matters is a two year project that began September 13, making community theatre with older people across six European companies, and sharing work through touring each show to perform in another country. The Malcolm X Elders’ Theatre Company toured their show, Ticky Picky Boom Boom to the ICAF Festival in Rotterdam in March 2014.

Open Circle

open circle family learning

“Edie’s favourite day of the week! Nearly every night she asks me if it’s Open Circle tomorrow.” “Leo liked the play dough because he could stick all different things into it, and also because his dad joined in.” A four year programme for families in North & South Bristol, providing fun creative learning activities for families, that can be replicated in the home.

The End

go north youth theatres

“My favourite show was ‘A Dangerous Engagement’ and there was a singer, Scarlet, who was supposed to get married and Katrina, a spy, who poisons her ring to kill half the world.”

Go North enabled over 150 young people in Kingsweston, North Bristol, to work with acta to create their own original theatre shows, and more…