circus of marvels

December 6 – January 5
Roll up, roll up for a magical, mysterious adventure as a rag-tag band of useless acts take on a desperate quest to save the world’s worst circus!

the underworld

15 & 16 November. Tickets £3.
In the depths of the Earth lies The Underworld, where Hades rules… but can he keep control of his naughty demons and some unruly souls?

Phoenix Theatre present their latest production, where demons cause havoc, sisters fight to be reunited, people get lost and superheroes save the day. A quirky and fun take on Greek mythology with a bit of Bristol mixed in.

the other side / how to survive school (kind of)

Monday 16, Tuesday 17 & Thursday 19 July Tickets £2

A usual day at Miss Winston’s Academy; science lessons, detention, Sid Jenkins getting locked in a dusty old cupboard. No-one realised what was waiting on the other side. Everything is about to get very UNusual.

the woman next door

July 3 & 4 Tickets £3
Problems seem much bigger when you face them alone. Why not share them with the woman next door?

An original show by St Pauls Stories, acta’s adult company at St Pauls Learning Centre.

eyes of the future / the reunion

5 & 6 June £2
What goes around, comes around. A double-bill of shows from Lockleaze Youth Theatres, performing at Stoke Park School.

Recommended ages 8 years old & above.

a taste of your own medicine

29 & 30 May
Three time travellers are sent to help young victims of bullying. What better way than by giving the bullies a taste of their own medicine?

A Young Carers Youth Theatre annual production.

Ladies’ Mile

17 & 20 April Tickets £3
Meet Victoria: ‘Loo lady,’ eavesdropper and observer of the twilight world of 1930s Bristol. Based on the memoirs of Victoria Hughes, a cloakroom attendant on the Ladies’ Mile public lavatories (Bristol Downs.)

Lost Sheep

21 March & 11 April FREE EVENT
Don’t dig a hole for your neighbour to fall into…you may just fall into it yourself! Sheep escaping in a small Sudanese village leads to all sorts of problems.

REACT Festival of theatre made by Refugees

Monday 26 March to Thursday 29 March

The three REACT project partners from Bristol, Rotterdam and Palermo come together to share learning about making theatre with refugees. Joined by theatre companies and practitioners, academics and students for a series of workshops and conversations, as well as six new refugee theatre shows. Festival passes from £25.

Play in 3 days

Young carers from across the City are signing up for acta’s next “play in 3 days” challenge on 12 – 14 February. They will present a public performance of the show they create at 6pm on Wednesday 14 February. All welcome to come along to see what they’ve create in just three days.