A collaged image of a tree seen through a brick wall with an arch and an open gate

When You’re Gone

acta Company invite you for an evening of reflection as they present ‘When You’re Gone’: an exploration of life, death, love, and grief.

Christine sits with her head in her hands and her knees up, cradling herself. Jan, her friend, stands behind and holds her hand out to comfort her friend.

Hard Evidence

Jan, a survivor of an abusive relationship, finds her confidence grows when she is invited to join an advisory group where her story matters and is valued. Can her friend, Christine, feel the benefits too?

Safe as Houses

Cornerstone Theatre Group present Safe as Houses: a tale of profit being put before people. Join the residents of Eldur House in their fight.

The earth on a black background, with half of the image (cut diagonally) in red. The words 'What If?' appear across the middle.

What If?

A double bill performance from two Lockleaze Youth Theatre groups. Two different future worlds are presented – What If?

A protest banner with the earth painted on it is waved in front of a billowing cloud of orange smoke. The words 'Force of Nature' come from the smoke.

Force of Nature

Join us for this riotous exploration of a planet on the brink, as this exuberant and energetic performance from Phoenix Theatre will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take a stand.

Footsteps in the Snow

Footsteps in the Snow

10 -16 December
A festive treat for all the family! Set in a snowy, magical world, forest guardians go on a journey to rescue a child trapped in a snow globe. Meeting many wonderful characters on the way, they bravely follow the footsteps in the snow.
Minimum age is 5 years.

Hard Evidence

Hard Evidence

9 and 12 November 7pm
Having survived an abusive relationship, Jan is approached to join a lay advisory group on the study about mindfulness programme for women with experience of domestic violence. 7pm performance followed by Q&A panel discussion.
Age 12+