Clippies Documentary


The flags had stopped waving; tensions were high, tempers were short, and the people of Bristol were looking for someone to blame.  The Clippies were in the firing line.

2020 marked one hundred years since the Bristol Tramway Riots, and whilst we navigate a global pandemic one century on, we decided to create a documentary to explore this important piece of Bristol history, through the eyes of acta’s community performers.

We have just finished performing Clippies again, 13-17 July, for those who missed it – why not take a look at this documentary?

The play itself is about women, and women’s rights – to work, to have equal pay, to be respected and treated well – and it highlights so much which has changed, but sadly, so much which has yet to change, in the last 100 years. Read more about the story behind “Clippies” and how it came about here.

The making of a documentary

Covid-19 meant we were unable to perform the planned Clippies show in May 2020, following the previews in Autumn 19. We hope to bring it back in May 2021 instead. However, we felt it was an important story to keep alive, and so relevant to our lives today, that the Company decided to use the time to create a film instead.

How can I watch it?

The documentary was premiered live onto YouTube on Friday 27 November 2020 and can be accessed at any time here.

Want more?

Watch more of acta’s videos on our YouTube channel here.