community oriented arts & social transformation (coast)

Debate and discussion

COAST linked acta with three European partners who provide a platform for the creation of original theatre with socially excluded and marginalised people. One of the key issues for all countries involved is that of migration; the impact on host communities of new arrivals, the social and economic pressures which result in people leaving their home and ‘crossing borders,’ the difficulties and dangers of being a ‘stranger in a strange land’. Five new plays have been created and performed within their own countries. They were then also presented for the benefit of partners and the wider public at the COAST International Festival of Community Theatre Festival in Bristol in March 2012. See below for documentation of the festival.

In 2017, COAST was awarded prestigious  ‘success story’ status by EU Creative Europe.

26 – 29 March 2012, documentation of Bristol festival (downloadable pdf)

See also COAST blog for further information on all four partners, and our shared learning.

Watch our film below: