get together at actacentre

2011 – 15

The first Get Together programme took place in 2011 – 15, involving and integrating isolated and excluded groups into community life in Bedminster and Redcliffe; challenging preconceptions, promoting understanding and communication, developing new positive relationships, improving health and well-being. The programme included giant lantern-lit street processions in Bedminster and Redcliffe, intergenerational projects in schools, the 1963 show, the Stories community play in Redcliffe, an intercultural arts festival, a football film project with Somali boys in Redcliffe, and a whole host of other shows and events.

An evaluation report of the 11-15 Get Together programme is now available to download with other acta publications.

Both my children absolutely love attending the groups and in particular, the way the leaders draw on the children’s ideas and develop the script. The way they are involved in all stages of the production’s development is exceptionally good.

In spite of feeling vulnerable at times, I was still able to do it, to see it through.

It’s been incredible how good it’s been for my mental health. I’ve been in drama groups before, going along for weeks, not got much to do, the director so completely in control. I haven’t really enjoyed it. This has been so different. There’s no egos battling.

Everyone’s equal, you don’t audition, there’s no lead characters.

I liked the fact that the play was about change in the local area. You live somewhere and you notice things changing… doing the play being able to comment on that, putting all that in context, it’s a really empowering experience. I can’t think of anywhere else you could do that.

When I started acta, I felt very isolated. The group gave me the opportunity to be myself and do something I was really passionate about. I met like-minded people and the group really supported and encouraged one another; there was never any competitiveness  It has been extremely fun, I have learnt new skills and I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in my life. The group gave me the confidence to go and pursue other things … It was always the best hour and a half of my week!

Get Together again! 2015 -18

A second Get Together programme began at actacentre in September 15, once again supported by BIG Lottery, and this time focused on weekly participatory arts workshops for all ages, bringing people together to reduce social isolation and improve confidence, self-esteem and well-being.

A full report of this second programme is now available:-

Get Together Report PDF