As part of our “local to global” strategy, we are embarking on two exciting new international partnerships in 2019 – 20, both supported by EU Erasmus Plus, to share acta’s expertise in drama workshop delivery. Both projects offer practical training courses at acta in Bristol, as well as development of digital tools that will enable us to share and learn far more widely.

Healing Wounds

Healing Wounds is for people who work to improve the well-being of refugees across Europe; it will train adult educators to enable them to use drama & theatre in their work.

The project has been developed by our partners:-

  • University of Turku, Selma (Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory) in Finland.
  • CEIPES (International Centre for Promotion of Education and Development) in Palermo, Italy.


The EAR project will develop trainers who will deliver drama training for teachers within their own countries; to improve citizenship education through drama in schools across Europe. (500 teachers total, half participating face to face, and half through e-learning.)

The project has been developed by our partners:-

  • Action Synergy in Greece.
  • Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies in Greece.
  • University of Florence, Italy.
  • World University Service of the Mediterranean, Spain.
  • Mentortec (Serviços de Apoio a Projectos Tecnológicos S.A.) in Portugal.