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Lockleaze Kids, for children aged 5 – 9 years old, living in and around Lockleaze in North Bristol, delivers two after school weekly drama groups for children. It is supported by BBC Children in Need, and works in partnership with local primary schools and community partners.

About Lockleaze Kids’ project

The project began in 2018, and in addition to the weekly drama groups, which met at Stoke Park Primary School, the project worked with children at other local primary schools in the school holidays to offer play in 3 half day opportunities for new children.

Spring Catastrophe April 2021

Throughout April, in collaboration with Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, you can take part in a trail to find the kidnapped Easter Bunny!

Beginning at a focal point in Lockleaze – The Vench; Romney Avenue – posters will be dotted around the area, creating a trail to follow. On each poster is a QR code which, when scanned, showcases a scene from acta’s Lockleaze Kids Theatre group, acting out part of the story, and clues to the next destination. (The stories and clues will also be written, for those without QR capability).

Keep up with our social media @actatheatre to follow the journey, or get in touch with LNT for more information: info@lockleazent.co.uk or 0117 914 1129.

Download the event poster below.

Online in 2020

The project was successfully moved online when lockdown began in Spring 2020, and acta workers kept in touch through a series of weekly zoom sessions and creative challenges to children in their homes. Short films were also made for schools to send home to children looking for drama lessons at home, and new outdoor film projects were created for the summer, which you can watch below:

Secrets of the Lake: watch on YouTube here.

The Magical Tree: watch on YouTube here.

Filming for the Films from Lockdown Series

The theatre groups moved online again for the second lockdown period in November, following a few weeks of local in person workshops in September and October. Coinciding with BBC Children In Need day in November, the group were delighted to have their project feature on BBC Points West on 12 November!

To help both children and parents stay connected, we created a private Facebook group for parents to share what their children have been doing, enhancing this sense of community and allowing young people to still get involved with something creative. Jody and Rosalie also committed to filming weekly drama sessions for three local primary schools in Lockleaze, which they were able to offer to their students – see one of these below: