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Lockleaze Stories began in 2016, as part of our City-wide Stories programme aimed at engaging adults in making community theatre for the first time; supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Jody Cook from Lockleaze, joined acta as a Drama Worker in that year, working alongside Tracey Harvey; both of them on the acta Foundation workplace learning scheme, which offered on the job training and mentoring in community theatre facilitation. Two new local Lockleaze theatre groups were set up and co-led by Jody in her Foundation year, and they came together to present Down Our Road at the acta theatre in Summer 17.

In the Autumn, new community performers joined with some of the Down Our Road cast members to form a new local theatre company, to be co-led by Jody and Tracey, working together as Directors. This new Lockleaze Stories company met weekly in Lockleaze, to create their own drama and theatre, and produced their very own original show, Gainsborough Girls, which delighted audiences at the acta theatre in May 18.

Feedback from the cast

It was nice to see a group of women get together from one community and perform as one to that same community. I was proud.

Before acta I didn’t want to be part of life much, but after acta I feel a lot better to be here and able to participate socially and openly without feeling anxious about what other people may think.

A year later, Lockleaze Stories produced a second hilarious original show: Fairytale TV Takeover, which once again came across the City to perform at the acta theatre, and delighted audiences.

Most recently, Lockleaze Stories secured investment from Wessex Water and the National Illegal Money Lending Team to create a show to raise awareness about debt and loan sharks. Drowning in Debt performed at the acta theatre in March 20, and was due to tour to local community venues before the Covid-19 lockdown postponed the project.

Feedback from the audience

“Community theatre does so much good, I can see the confidence it gives people!” – Councillor Gill Kirk, Lockleaze

“We are so proud of our local actors and directors!”

“Show felt very realistic. It was horrid, learning about the victims and the circumstances which made them easy targets and the levels loan sharks stoop to and how easily it all went wrong. All the ladies in the show were so professional. It was so emotional and realistic and harrowing to watch. Fantastic job, everyone!”

“What a hard hitting show. Fabulous cast. Loved the show. Was very powerful.”

Jody and Tracey continue as acta associates, with a firm commitment to making new community theatre with Lockleaze Stories.

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