Making TIme


Children from our local school, Compass Point, came over recently for storytelling and history sharing workshops presented by the Making Time elders. The children wrote letters back to the elders afterwards with some lovely feedback.

Making Time elders reported:-

A highlight for me was taking part in the workshop for the children, talking in front of all those people about my knitting. If you told me I’d have done that even a couple of years ago, I would have fainted. I really would. So I do feel proud of that.

It was lovely, the workshop was a real success. The children really enjoyed it and were so well behaved, they were enthralled by our stories and they had so many questions! We enjoyed taking part and they enjoyed watching it.

The thing about coming here, you’re not under any pressure; you do what you want to do because you enjoy it and everyone enjoys it.

I like being here, I just like it and everything that’s going on. I’m glad to be here.

I’m grateful to be amongst such a decent and warm group of people.

I’ve not been coming for long but I look forward to coming. I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve never spoken out in front of people before but it was lovely to do that for the first time in front of the children.

I’m very, very new to all this. This is the first group I’ve been to and I’m learning lots from other people and I look forward to it. I’m not from the area, I’m not from here, I’ve systematically lost my family. So I’m here.

I enjoy everything about Making Time, but particularly since my husband died, I have relied upon the support and friendship. When I get home now, I’m still getting used to cooking for one and being on my own… it’s lonely. So I rely on this really.

I just enjoy, very much enjoy, coming to this group…You feel lonely sometimes, but coming here, you know that even when you’re home on your own, you’re not alone.

The weekly Making Time arts workshops are supported by a wonderful volunteer lunch team, who prepare and serve hot meals with surplus supermarket ingredients supplied by Fareshare. Thank you to all our volunteers, without whom this service would not be possible.

I love coming here as a volunteer. The kitchen is a challenge, we get told about what food has been donated the night before and we rustle up something the next day, but it always comes out alright. The performance for the school was just amazing, you had the children’s rapt attention telling them about the games you used to play. I think we all, the children and all of us, got so much from it.