The Museum of Unsung Heroes

The museum of unsung heroes

Celebrate our Unsung Heroes

On 17 September 2020, the actacentre came alive with the sound and sights of performance once again. With seven performances in one night, performed in a trail where audiences moved from one space to another, the stories of many known and unknown real life heroes, were told.

With a tight schedule, allowing audiences of six at a time, our cast performed eight times during the night, to a sold-out audience. This performance was part of our Cornerstone project; find out more here.

Image and Feedback Video

Watch our video below to see some of the photos and read the comments that were fed back after the show.
“It was such a pleasure getting to capture these moments from such a unique and special night of theatre. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.”
Maryam Rutter – Workshop Assistant.

More photos can also be found over on our Flickr page.

Download the Programme

Find out more about our community performers and their stories by downloading a programme free below.