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Open Circle

Open Circle was a four year programme for families in Kingsweston in N Bristol (on school sites) and in S Bristol (at acta centre), providing fun creative learning activities for families, that could be replicated in the home; funded by BIG Lottery family learning fund. The project ended in May 2013.

A full report on Open Circle can be found on our Publications page

  • Edie’s favourite day of the week! Nearly every night she asks me if it’s Open Circle tomorrow.
  • Chloe has been introduced to a variety of different activities, which is bringing her out of her shell and she is interacting with other children.
  • Very enjoyable group which we all love! Lucy (aged 3) loves all the activities, especially making things. Alfie (16 months) also joins in and has lots of fun!
  • It has been amazing because we have done some really fun things with Alan and Katie. For example we made landscapes, models and loads of other things
  • Leo loved smearing jelly and yoghurt all over the place and painting with it. Leo liked drawing a road and making cars out of paper and making the car follow the road. Leo liked the play dough because he could stick all different things into it, and also because his dad joined in. Leo seemed to be more relaxed and really expressed himself. He really liked Alan. Alan was really good with kids, Leo just kept mucking about and trying to wind him up. Leo ate the bananas instead of making people with them.
  • I got to learn how arty other people in the group could be and help each other with different ideas. An idea you could try is to set up different activity tables, like one with painting, one with playdough, another drawing and one more sticking so you can learn which one is popular. The parents will learn what the child likes to do.
  • Making animals & monsters out of tissue paper was really enjoyable;  you had to use your imagination and real creativity.   The children loved playing with the animals afterwards; it encouraged role-play too!
  • My son and I really enjoyed dressing up fruit and veg to look like people; great fun and a chance to be creative, make different things and eat some of the food.