Rapport: the documentary film

On Wednesday 17th November we hosted our online seminar ‘Creating Theatre Internationally: The Power of Collaboration’, where we welcomed the four partner organisations to share their experiences of Project Rapport – a two year partnership sharing theatre practice, funded by Creative Europe.

During our seminar, we showed the premiere of our documentary film following Project Rapport, featuring stories from all four partners. We are thrilled to bring you the release of this documentary, which we hope will inspire you in your own collaborations, communicate the power of community theatre, and share the incredible experience that Rapport has been.

Featured in this documentary are four partner organisations:

acta community theatre | Bristol, England

acta believe that theatre belongs to everyone, and everyone has a story to tell. They create a place where everyone’s story matters, where individual opinions and experiences count, and are valued by others. Through inclusive and participatory theatre, acta enable communities to share their stories, and engage audiences who rarely attend theatre.

Tantarantana | Barcelona, Spain

An engine of change, transformation and cohesion, Tantarantana is a self-described “risky” theatre. With expertise in creative writing and dance, they also promote community and social projects as part of its artistic support program, and continue to develop new stage projects for constantly evolving audiences.

Teatr Grodzki | Poland

Founded in 1999, the Grodzki Theater in Poland specialises in accessible theatre for socially excluded groups. Through puppetry, and other artforms, they develop educational, artistic and other important life skills.

Historieberattarna | Sweden

Based in Sweden, Historieberattarna believe everyone has a right to be heard. Through visual and digital arts, they develop storytelling projects to allow children and young people to express themselves and tell their story.