What is project rapport?

“refugee arts with participants and practitioners open to integration”

A two-year partnership Autumn 2019 – 2021, bringing together local people from different nationalities and sharing theatre across Europe. Supported by EU Creative Europe.

acta is co-ordinating the project, and working with partners:

Teatr Grodzki, Poland (puppetry)

Tantarantana, Catalonia /Spain (community arts & dance)

Historieberattana, Sweden (digital arts & storytelling)

Click on each of the organisations above to find out more about their work, and see in our sidebars some of our partners’ videos.

What’s happening in 2020

Over the first year, acta has delivered a series of new integrated theatre workshops with people from different nationalities and backgrounds. These workshops are continuing online throughout lockdown, enabling an international group of participants to engage and take part. Online workshops also provide opportunities to have guest facilitators from our partner groups to lead workshops with our weekly group.

Skills Exchange: Throughout the first year, four partner exchanges have enabled partners to share practice and develop ideas for a collaborative project in the second year, Babel (Summer 2021). Read Projects Director, Rosalie’s blog on her recent trip to Barcelona with Neil, as they spent a week hosted by Tantarantana! Exchanges in Stockholm and Poland were rescheduled to take place online in Autumn 2020 – Rosalie says:

Over the last 2 months I have been lucky enough to take part in online training led by our partners Historieberättarna and Teatr Grodzki. As we were not able to travel to them and learn about their approach first hand, they each created two days of online training, so that we could still experience their way of working.

In October, we were led by Historieberättarna – experts in filmmaking and animation. Before the training started, we received a secret parcel in the post – we were told not to open this until we were together online. Over the course of two days we learnt how much they work with the senses and the body. We watched short animated films created by their participants, played around with the use of light, took part in meditation, imagined we were in a forest sitting by the fire, sampled Swedish sweets and painted our thoughts and feelings. It was a magical couple of days and we were truly transported to the forests of Sweden.

In November, we experienced two days of puppetry training by Teatr Grodzki. On the first day we spent time creating our own puppets – with just brown paper, newspapers and string. We developed them into a character and learnt how to animate them. In the next session we created a home for our puppet. However, half way through this session we were told that our puppet had to leave this safe place and we had to show this in a scene. The scenes that were created were so poignant and beautiful. It was a fascinating two days and it was incredible to see the attachment the group members felt towards the puppets they had created.

RAPPORT Barcelona
Neil Beddow & Rosalie Pordes travelled to Barcelona to meet Rapport partners.

Global Migrant Festival 2020: We are delighted to have been invited to speak at the Global Migrant Festival 2020. The event, which interviews acta’s Neil, Ingrid, Hiba and Rosalie, will be live streamed on Facebook on Saturday 21 November at 8pm: https://www.facebook.com/globalmigrantfestival/

Global Migrant Festival

Looking forward to 2021

Collaborative project Babel will perform in each of the four partnership countries in refugee week in June, with all four partners contributing to each of the four versions of the performance. This is an extremely exciting proposition; using elements of digital arts, film and live theatre to create a performance that crosses borders virtually.

Why is rapport so important?

RAPPORT is a cooperation project aimed at promoting integration between different nationalities in local communities, using and developing collaborative community arts practice between the four European partners. It will use arts as a tool to challenge preconceptions and negative attitudes towards migrants/refugees, and to celebrate and confirm shared humanity and the positive impact of integration.

The unique elements and benefits of this project:-

  • Range of art forms and practice in collaboration
  • Audience development with marginalised communities
  • Integrated workshops and projects throughout
  • Refugees in training as facilitators
  • Artistic exchange to share/learn practice and develop collaboration
  • Performances in all four partner countries
  • The Babel collaborative project to include live and digital content, with performances in each partner country
  • Dissemination of learning to included national seminars, a publication and documentary film

To learn more about our Rapport project and get involved, email Rosalie at: rosalie@acta-bristol.com.