The next seminar will take place on Friday 22 September, 1.30 – 4.30pm at actacentre.

Diversity and enriching the workforce – how are we doing?

Does an abundance of free and low paid internships maintain a middle class workforce in the arts? Should you need a degree to work in the arts?

An opportunity to share experiences and hear about different approaches to bringing new people into the workforce from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The afternoon will be facilitated by Neil Beddow, acta Artistic Director, with an expert panel of speakers to be announced soon.

acta’s free open access quarterly seminar programme provides opportunites to get together to discuss a range of issues currently facing community arts practitioners. Seminars are attended by acta staff, volunteers and participants; academics and students; experienced practitioners from across the sectors of community theatre and community arts; and people interested in learning more.

The seminars are part of the acta programme funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Forthcoming themes will reflect the acta programme, the communities with whom we are making theatre, and how we make change locally, nationally and internationally.

To book a place at this free event, email or call 0117 9532448