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Latest staff news from the acta team

The acta team are all well, and have been meeting up online to plan our programme for the rest of the year. We will aim to transition back to working from the actacentre throughout July, although our workshops will remain online and the actacentre will need to remain closed to the public for the time being.

We will be announcing some outdoor and individual or small group opportunities for participants in August and September, and the Autumn and Spring term programmes will offer a mix of online and face to face workshop opportunities.

As part of our Cornerstone programme, we have been supporting some of the acta associate staff team – Tracey, Jody, Hiba, Aqeel and Mohamed – to develop their own plans for projects that they would like to collaborate with acta on over the next few years, through an initiative we are calling Sandbox. Sandbox has produced a whole range of exciting opportunities, to engage new people in sharing stories and making theatre. We can’t wait to get started, and will be publishing more details soon… Maryam Rutter, acta’s new Workshop Assistant, whose post was furloughed in April, is also looking forward to returning to work in July to support our work to get new people taking part in a range of new Cornerstone project initiatives.

Ingrid’s post was furloughed for much of the last few months, but when she has been at work, Ingrid has delivered online workshops with the Young Carers youth theatre, Phoenix young adults and actaCo, all of whom are working towards short film pieces this Summer. Katie’s post has also been furloughed, but Katie has been volunteering with Bristol Community Transport, making use of the acta theatre to put together FareShare food parcels to deliver to isolated & vulnerable people through lockdown. Katie has been staying connected with Making Time participants, and will be delivering creative care packages alongside their food parcels when she returns to work in July.

Rosalie has been working from home throughout, but staying connected to our Malcolm X Elders Theatre Company members by visiting them weekly, to meet on their doorsteps. She has also been delivering four weekly online workshops – with two Lockleaze Kids groups, Lockleaze youth theatre, and with the RAPPORT theatre group.

Sara’s post was also furloughed, but Sara is working towards a return to work in July.

Clare has been working from home throughout, to keep us all connected, a vital task through these most peculiar times. Clare has started to work back at actacentre recently, for a couple of days each week, and she has been joined by our cleaner, Pet, who has been caring for the building whilst we’ve been away.

Helen and Neil have been working from their home in Wales throughout, but are also hoping to be back at actacentre in July, Welsh government guidance permitting. Neil has been delivering online workshops with the Thursdays community theatre group, and has extended his final year of work as Artistic Director, and will now be stepping down at the end of next March.

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