Sudanese youth theatre

Sudanese Youth Theatre

acta associate, Hiba Elhindi, led a weekly youth theatre for children from the Sudanese community of Bristol, in Lawrence Hill (East Bristol) afterschool on Fridays through Autumn 19. Workshops were co-led with acta workers, Ingrid Jones and Sara Snook, and the young people created and rehearsed their very own original show, Stories Under the Lemon Tree.

The young people all had lots of fun making theatre each week, and as they approached the end of term in December, were also invited over to the acta theatre to see the festive family theatre treat, Tree of Life. Hiba arranged transport for youth theatre members to come along to watch the show, together with parents, siblings and other family members; a great night out was enjoyed by all.

Then at the end of term, it was time for the youth theatre to perform their own show. Family and friends were invited into an extended session to enjoy a wonderful performance of Stories Under the Lemon Tree.

Following this show, Hiba was invited by the Sudanese Community Association to work with the children to perform for a Sudanese Independence Day event in the council chamber at City Hall. Whilst most of the acta team were on annual leave for the Christmas holiday, Hiba led a two day workshop for Sudanese children that incorporated fun drama games, and rehearsal of a couple of Sudanese patriotic songs to be performed at the event. Hiba was supported by volunteer members of the Sudanese community, including a musician. Members of the Sudanese youth theatre from the Autumn term project were joined by two new young people for this intensive, and Hiba reported:

“It was one of the best projects ever and they performed the songs beautifully on the day. We had fantastic feedback from audience , children and their families. I am so grateful to acta for helping me become able and confident to run these kind of projects.”