Gas Girls

April – June 2017
The untold story of the women who made mustard gas.

This exceptional WWI centenary show from Avonmouth, Bristol is back at actacentre before a regional tour.


Photos from the rehearsals of Sailor’s Tales, at Avonmouth Community Centre.

Arts & Communities

A partnership with DCLG and ACE to showcase how quality intercultural and inter-generational participatory arts can achieve stronger and more integrated communities, by providing a shared focus – in Redcliffe and with migrant communities across Bristol.

High & Dry

Wednesday September 21 & Friday September 23 – Tickets £2
Torrential rain lashes the Somerset levels, and as the flood waters rise, stranded travellers and resentful residents seek refuge in a deserted pub. In the chaos and confusion, life stories collide, new friendships are made and past tragedies are played out. What emotional flotsam and jetsam will be left when the waters subside?
A new devised play by The Thursdays.
(Child age recommendation 10yrs+)

Wishing for Winter

Wishing For Winter

10 to 17 December. 7pm (12 Dec, 3pm matinee)
Tickets £3. (Concessions and families Buy One Get One Free)

Winter has gone missing! Spring, Summer and Autumn are on a mission to find him before it is too late, with a little help from some unusual characters they meet along the way.

Take a seat next to Sophie and listen closely as Gran tells us this year’s Christmas tale of magical make-believe… or is it a true story?

Suitable for all ages.

The Falling Planets

Wednesday July 27 2016
Young carers from across the region meet at acta for just 3 days in their school hols, to devise and rehearse their own original show. Come along to see the results of all their hard work…

Three Green Bottles

Thursday October 6 & Friday October 7
Tickets £2
In the dark streets of the criminal world of 1950s England, three rival gangs fight to be at the top, with no thought for who gets hurt on the way. But the top is a fragile and dangerous place to be; surely one is going to fall .
A new show from acta’s young adults’ company, Phoenix.
Not suitable for children.

get together at actacentre

Get Together, 2011- 2018, brought together local people from different generations and cultures, encouraging people to share stories, positive experiences and work together to improve and celebrate the local community.

The Now

September 23 – October 01.
That was then, this is now.. welcome to TheNow
For our 30th birthday, and the opening of the newly extended actacentre, acta has brought together community performers from across the City to take a wry and light-hearted look at the world of 2015 and the last 30 years.

Watch the trailer HERE


May – June

All tickets only £3

When Kitty’s blog goes viral, the whole world wants to be her friend.

But thrown into a world of fame, she is left wondering who her true friends are.

Touring to Avonmouth, Southmead and Withywood.

Watch the trailer HERE