Performing in a Pandemic

Hear from performers of Clippies, what it was really like being back on stage as lockdowns lifted in 2021. How did it feel being back? What was the energy like? And were there any positives that came from it?

acta Company

The acta Company

A group for acta participants who have been in acta shows before and want to continue to develop their theatre skills and love of performance.

Previous productions include Clippies, Circus of Marvels, Ladies Mile, Gas Girls and many more…


Clippies Documentary

Watch on demand this documentary exploring the story of the Clippies and the Bristol Tramway Riots of 1920, through the eyes of acta’s community performers.
Clippies was performed 13-17 July 2021, as well as a premiere back in November 2019.

Clippies performers


Clippies is a devised theatre performance by acta Company. The show tells the difficult stories of women who worked on the tramways post WW2.
Read more about the project, including links to our documentary.

Introducing Clippies

acta Company announce Clippies, a new centenary show about the Tramways riots of 1920 – a forgotten and scandalous chapter of Bristol history.
Previews 18 & 19 November, before a longer run of performances in May.