Debate and discussion

community oriented arts & social transformation (coast)

COAST links acta with three European partners who provide a platform for the creation of original theatre with socially excluded and marginalised people, and enabled the first international festival of community theatre in Bristol in March. In 2017, COAST was awarded prestigious ‘success story’ status by EU Creative Europe.

Sailors’ Tales

Sailors’ Tales, an intergenerational community theatre show supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, November 2016. Based on research and stories collected from sailors, ex-sailors and their families in North Bristol.
Includes a project film.

the politics of community theatre

The next Foundation seminar will be on 13 November. Then and Now… When acta started in 1985, it was Thatcher’s Britain. Today, acta’s work is thriving under another Conservative government. How much of acta’s work has been a political response to the inequalities of our society, theatre and the arts? Is acta a political organisation?

get together at actacentre

Get Together, 2011- 2018, brought together local people from different generations and cultures, encouraging people to share stories, positive experiences and work together to improve and celebrate the local community.

Touring community theatre

High quality and affordable theatre touring to local neighbourhoods, including family shows, schools tours and issue-based work. These projects are as much concerned with audience development, as they are with participation; creating new and relevant theatre.

Phoenix young adults

Young adults aged 16 – 25 yrs are invited to take part in the next Phoenix Theatre project, currently devising in weekly Thursday evening term-time workshops, 6.30 – 8.30pm. Create a new show to perform at the acta centre in December.

Yusuf Can’t Talk

In partnership with Autism Independence, compelling new theatre by Somali women with autistic children.
Box office now open for 7.00pm performances at acta centre, Wednesday 19 – Friday 21 November.

A Tale or Two For You

We have been working with mums at Hannah More Primary School, all of whom speak English as a second language, to create a show for younger children in the school. Following two excellent shows on 21 October, an extra performance has been scheduled in school on 10 November.

All work and no pay?

How to produce the community theatre of your dreams and earn a living too.
Notes from the seminar held on Friday 7 November, to discuss partnerships & collaborations, developing project proposals and securing funding now available.