Young people in Lawrence Weston

Young people aged 14 – 19 yrs living in and around Lawrence Weston in North Bristol will be taking part in a new weekly youth theatre project starting September. Thanks to support from the J Paul Getty Jr charitable trust, we are delighted to announce that our youth theatre work will once again be returning to Lawrence Weston.

Tell them how it really is

youth arts award success

Congratulations to young people from acta’s Go North project who secured an amazing 26 youth arts awards at the end of their project in July, bringing the total number of awards achieved by Go North to 56. Special celebration of achievements on 1 November …

go north showcase, the end?

30 Jun 2012 / 2pm & 6pm,
Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Shirehampton BS11

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Is there any hope for the survivors?

The End

go north youth theatres

“My favourite show was ‘A Dangerous Engagement’ and there was a singer, Scarlet, who was supposed to get married and Katrina, a spy, who poisons her ring to kill half the world.”

Go North enabled over 150 young people in Kingsweston, North Bristol, to work with acta to create their own original theatre shows, and more…

Down on the Farm

down on the farm

Following a successful tour to primary schools in Lawrence Weston last November, Ace Invaders return for a second tour of Down on the Farm to Bristol primary schools, on 4 & 5 July. Young people from North Bristol aged between