The acta Company

acta Company

About the company

The acta Company is acta’s only ‘invite only’ group, it has been in existence in various forms since 2004. The group is for participants who have been in acta shows before and want to continue to develop their theatre skills and love of performance. The group have devised many very high quality theatre performances over the years, being a constant in the acta theatre schedule. These shows have not only performed at the actacentre but have toured community venues all over Bristol and further afield. We were even lucky enough to twice tour their shows to the ICAF (International Community Arts Festival) in Rotterdam, Holland.


For Love Nor Money – 2005, The No Ones – 2007, Escape To This  – 2009, Mother Iceheart – 2010 & 2011, Goblin Silver – 2012, Gas Girls – 2014, Selfies  – 2015, Sailor’s Tales – 2016, Only the Lonely – 2017, Bizarre Bazaar – 2017,  Ladies Mile – 2018, Circus of Marvels – 2018, Clippies – 2019.

What’s coming up for acta company?

After performing Clippies in November 2019, the cast were excited about performing the show again in May 2020. When the pandemic prevented this, instead working with director Ingrid Jones, the cast made a documentary film about the project.

We are now very excited to say Clippies is going to be performed again at the actacentre in July 2021!

The group will then continue to develop their performance Footsteps In The Snow, which was to be the 2020 seasonal show, but will instead be the 2021 Christmas treat for all the family this year.

Check out our latest trailer for Clippies – performing July 2021!