Turn Up

Turn Up

An exciting new project working with Muslim women and girls in St Pauls, Bristol began in September 2021. Using audio technology, the group recorded their own podcast, reflecting on issues relevant to them. Both groups also discussed childhood, providing insight into the different experiences for the women who grew up in Somali, in contrast to the girls who have grown up here in Bristol.

The project was led by acta Associate Mohamed Jama Hassan and Hibo Rooble, alongside acta’s Ingrid Jones and Sara Snook.

Why this project now?

This pilot project utilises audio and radio technology, meaning audiences can access the podcasts wherever they are. With such a turbulent past 18 months, we are excited to create content that will be accessible to a wide range of audiences, at a time that suits them.

Keep an ear out – the podcasts are likely to be available early 2022.

We’ve done lots with Muslim women from different communities and thought that audio might be a fun way to capture the stories and communicate easily. We’ve been wanting to make it happen for many years and are so pleased that this has happened!

Sara Snook, acta Creative Producer