Wish you were here, 1986

I received a lovely message today:-

My name is Paul Williams, I don’t expect you to remember me personally, but if i paint the picture you may.

Going back some time ago mid to late 80s you came to my school Priory, in Worle, Weston Super Mare over the summer holidays and did some improvisation workshops with your team.

After a couple of successful weeks the workshops became a more permanent feature but moved to another school further into Weston which i can’t remember the name of.

You may remember picking up four children on your journey to the school i can’t remember just opposite the School/Sainsburys.

And if you can’t remember that part you may remember “Wish You Were Here” the production that we put on in Weston Technical College.  A collection of individual stories, mine was three lads trying to get to Weston and started racketeering to try and get the bus fare.  Bizarre but funny and I absolutely enjoyed it.

Really this email is to say Hi and thanks for such a good childhood memory as its one that’s always stayed with me.  And one that my grandfather mentioned to me a few weeks ago because he came to see it.

I’m now 42 and if this email is testament to the good work and the sort of lasting memories that Kids’ Theatre created, by yourself and the old gang hopefully you realize its a good life achievement as I am sure there are many now grown ups who remember it too.

Many Thanks again, Paul.